How To Win 9 Must-Have Baby Items Without Spending A Penny

Summer Prime Giveaway
Summer Prime Giveaway


Have you ever imagine winning 9 must-have baby items without spending a penny? It’s time for Summer Prime Giveaway! We have selected some of our favorite brands to bring you everything essential and super useful items for your little ones! Would you like to spend 60 seconds to enter and get a chance to take home our Ultra Soft Swaddlez Changing Pad Liners & Pure Guard Mattress Protector, Ike & Leo Teething Toys, Colorful Bowls of Babie B, Skip Hop Signature Diaper Bag, Useful Boppy Nursing Pillow, Baby-Bump Headphones of BellyBuds, SwaddleMe Pod, and Sound Machine of Marpac? Over $300 dollars in prizes & practical monthly savings you are about to enjoy! PLUS! Daily Winner of Changing Pad Liner - The entrants must complete at least 15 eligible entries to get the Changing Pad Liner for FREE!

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Summer Prime Giveaway



Ike & Leo Teething Toys: Baby Infant and Toddler WITH Pacifier Clip / Teether Holder, Best for Sore Gums Pain Relief, Eco Friendly BPA Free & Freezer Safe, Set of 4 Silicone Teethers

Ike & Leo Teething Toys

Whether you have a newborn, 2 or 3 months old, or toddlers, this Teether Set from Ike & Leo works to soothe, massage, and reduce fussiness & discomfort. Perfectly Shaped for little hands. Babies can easily grab onto the rings and you’ll finally have a Teether that can reach all the way back to the molars. We included our signature Pacifier Clip to help keep the toy off the floor and in their hands. Certified and FDA approved premium food-grade silicone; BPA, PVC and Phthalate Free. We are so confident that you and your baby will benefit from our Teething Toys when you win our Summer Prime Giveaway.



Best Suction Baby Bowls for Toddler and 6 Months Solid Feeding-3 Size Stay Put Spill Proof Stackable To Go Snacks & Storage-With 3 Seal-Easy Tight Lids-BPA Free-Perfect Baby Shower Gift Set

Best Suction Baby Bowls

Are you exhausted from cleaning up the messes every time your little one dump on the bowl? Then you'll love Babie B Best Suction Baby Bowls with Seal-Easy Lids. Babie B is created with the friendliest practices so gentle that even Mother Nature approves! The perfect set of bowls your little one ever need. When they're teething as a fussy eater these cute bright colorful bowls will make mealtime fun and easy! Easy to clean for Mommmy! just toss them in the dishwasher or rinse them quickly and come play with your baby again! Give Yourself One Less Thing to Worry About And Win The Prize!



Skip Hop Baby Duo Signature Diaper Bag, Chevron, Grey/White

Skip Hop Baby Duo Signature Diaper Bag

Duo Signature takes your favorite diaper bag to the next level of functionality & style. The updated Duo Signature boasts a bevy of new features that moms and dads have requested. The new zip-top closure ensures belongings stay securely in the bag. Skip Hop added tote handles for versatility and an easy-access tech pocket. The new front panel design allows for more storage and stability while keeping items at the bottom of the diaper bag easily accessible. The Duo Signature still has all the classic components of the original including our patented shuttle clips that easily convert it from a shoulder bag to a stroller bag. Duo Signature is a classic redesign for the next generation of parents. This is a perfect gift for the lucky mom!



Swaddlez Changing Pad Liners [3 Pack] - Non-Slip - 25.5" X 13.5" - Baby Diaper Changing Table Cover

Swaddlez Changing Pad Liners [3 Pack]

Does your baby squirm when you are changing? Other products end up in a knot as they slip all over the change table. The Pure-Guard Changing Pad Liners are designed with a non-slip back to hold your baby gently in place, making it quick and easy. Made from the highest quality products available. The first thing you will notice is the Ultra Soft Bamboo top and the high-quality TPU membrane. Our material is certified to be safe and compliant with all standards set by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. 100% Lead, Phthalate & BPA Free! Complete confidence... knowing your baby is on premium fabrics, designed specifically for their safety. At Swaddlez, we know what you are looking for... we are parents too!



Waterproof Crib Mattress Cover - Ultra Soft, Dryer Friendly, Bamboo, Crib Mattress Protector Pad

Swaddlez Waterproof Crib Mattress Cover

A perfect protector pad that fits. With many of the mattress protectors on the market today, you struggle to get them on the mattress, and they barely fit after you wash them the first time. The Pure Guard Mattress Protector is designed to fit all crib mattresses. The 9" skirt will fully wrap around any crib mattress, holding it firmly in place. Premium Quality Made from the highest quality products available. The first thing you will notice is that the Ultra Soft Bamboo top and the high-quality TPU membrane. Safety Rest easy, knowing your baby is sleeping on premium fabrics, designed specifically for their safety. The surface is soft and gentle on the child's skin. 100% Phthalate-Free, Lead-Free, BPA Free. Completely machine washable and dryer friendly, making it easy to clean up any night-time messes. At Swaddlez, we know what you are looking for in a crib mattress protector, we are parents too!



Boppy Nursing Pillow and Positioner, Black/White Doodles

Boppy Nursing Pillow and Positioner

The original, award-winning Boppy Nursing Pillow and Positioner celebrate over 25 years of supporting moms, dads, and babies! This versatile nursing pillow lifts baby to a more ergonomic position for comfortable breastfeeding and bottle feeding, giving relief to your arms and back. Bond with your new baby by using the boppy nursing pillow while you're breastfeeding or bottle feeding. In addition to breastfeeding and bottle feeding, the boppy pillow transitions to the perfect support pillow for different stages of development including propping, tummy time and learning to sit. The boppy pillow supports baby as she grows and develops and this multi-use pillow can be used for babies up to one year old. The original boppy slip-covered pillow is the famous Boppy nursing pillow with a boppy classic slipcover. Boppy slipcovers are removable for easy washing. The boppy pillow and boppy slipcover are both machine washable.



BellyBuds by WavHello, Pregnancy Baby-Bump Headphones | Prenatal Bellyphones Play Music, Sound and Voices to the Womb - 5th Generation

Pregnancy Baby-Bump Headphones

BellyBuds is a specialized speaker system that gently adheres to the belly and allows you to safely play memory-shaping sound directly to the womb. Whether it's a soothing tune or a bond-forming voice message, BellyBuds is a safe and effective first step in connecting with your soon-to-be bundle of joy. The concave shape of the BellyBuds speakers ensures a clearer passage of audio into the womb. And the silicone covers dampen ambient sound so that they may be used discreetly in public. SURPRISE MOM-TO-BE with a unique gift! Help support the early development of the brain and create memories. BellyBuds is the perfect baby accessory for mom, family, and baby-to-be. Easy to use, discreet and good on the go, BellyBuds works anywhere, anytime.



SwaddleMe Pod 2-PK, Baby Bows (NB)

SwaddleMe Pod 2-PK, Baby Bows (NB)

Ideal for newborns, SwaddleMe Pod creates a cozy womb-like feeling for baby and helps prevent the startle reflex that can wake a baby. Simple and easy to use, just zip baby into pod for a secure, comfortable fit. SwaddleMe knows that when your baby sleeps better, you sleep better. Our complete line of wearable sleep products has been designed and tested to keep babies snug, safe, and comfy every night throughout their first year. This simple zip-up swaddle is perfect for newborns. The original swaddle to keep babies safe and snug all night. The perfect transition swaddle so babies can roll over when ready. Cozy, safe sleep for older babies and toddlers. Hey! The more entries, the more chances of winning.



Marpac Hushh For Baby, Portable White Noise Sound Machine, Electronic, Gray

Portable White Noise Sound Machine

No more tiptoeing around the house; no more 'Be quiet! Don't wake the baby! A white noise machine is mom and dad's best friend. It creates a constant, soothing sound which helps lull your baby to sleep. Then, once baby is asleep, white noise works throughout nighttime or naptime to drown out the random noises that would have woken him or her. A white noise machine can be an important part of your baby's sleep routine and environment. Now, with Hushh, we've made white noise even more portable and convenient -- so you can take a familiar and comforting sleep sound with you wherever you go! White noise is better than a lullaby... and Hushh works anytime, anywhere. Take nap time on-the-go!

Every mom should benefit with this giveaway and all you need are only 60 seconds to enter and get 2 initial entries right away by joining our VIP Club. Well, if you’re serious to win the prizes, we prepared a bunch of other ways to enter and earn more entries:

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Now that you are aware of the benefits you will get from all the giveaway items and ways to strengthen up your chances of winning, we are definitely sure that your time is well spent in exchange for a chance to win over $300 worth of baby items for FREE! PLUS! Daily Winner of Changing Pad Liner - The entrants must complete at least 15 eligible entries to get the Changing Pad Liner for FREE!


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